Firmware version 4.0.0

Firmware release date: January 2023

Firmware download link: ION7400 series firmware download page


Firmware version 4.0.0 (V004.000.000) contains a number of new features and changes that are designed to expand the functionality of your meter and help improve the security of your meter.

We strongly recommend that you upgrade your device to this firmware version.

This topic lists the new functionality in firmware version 4.0.0, as well as how to obtain additional information and resources.

NOTE: A meter upgraded to firmware version 4.0.0 or later cannot be downgraded to an earlier firmware version.



Do not upgrade to firmware version 4.0.0 or later if you need to downgrade the meter in the future.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in loss of firmware downgrade functionality.


  • Back up all your meter data.
  • ION Setup 3.2.22341.01 or higher.

For detailed information on what to back up in your meter and other prerequisite information, including how to get the latest version of ION Setup, see Meter firmware upgrade prerequisites.

New features

This section lists the new features that are added to your meter after you upgrade to firmware version (set in target).

Secure ION

Secure ION enhances the security of the ION protocol by using a Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypted tunnel between the device and the controller.

The additional TLS layer applies to TCP/IP based connections (Ethernet) only. It does not apply to serial communications.

NOTE: ION protocol without Secure ION is still supported and enabled by default upon upgrade to 4.0.0.

For more information, see Secure ION.

ION sessions

An ION session uses a session token ID to authenticate ION requests to a device.

For more information, see ION sessions.

Longer passwords

In keeping with our ongoing efforts to provide enhanced cybersecurity, the maximum password length has been increased from 6 to 16 characters.

Longer passwords cannot be used over non-ION session connections.

File system improvements

Firmware version (set in target) includes additional file system and related changes from the vendor.

Additional hardware support

To address global supply chain challenges, firmware version (set in target) supports a new Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) component. This FPGA component does not change the form, fit, or function of your product.

Documentation updates

The PowerLogicâ„¢ ION7400 series User Manual was updated to document the firmware 4.0.0 features. As well, the following new topics were added: 

Topic Description
Metering equipment symbols Lists and describes the symbols that may be used on metering equipment.
Cleaning instructions Best practices for cleaning your equipment.

Firmware upgrade procedure

For information on how to upgrade the meter firmware, review the Firmware upgrades section.