What's new in Power Monitoring Expert 2023

PME 2023 is a major release that introduces a number of new features and improvements. We strongly recommend you upgrade your existing PME system to version 2023.

Highlights of this release

  • Graphic Editor and TGML Viewer is newly added to PME.
  • Implementation of Secure ION, secure EtherGate, and secure Modbus useful for connecting to devices that support Secure ION and Modbus encryption communication. By utilizing this capability, your installations will benefit from encrypted communications by Transport Layer Security (TLS) implementation in PME 2023.
  • EWS client 1.2 real time data support to monitor the data from EcoStruxure Building Operation and smart connector applications.
  • PME 2023 supports the definition of custom days that can be used to aggregate data (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) in reports, and dashboards.
  • Three new PME 2023 Windows Services are included to help improve performance.
  • Strong password policy is implemented for PME standard users and is enforced when password is created or modified for a PME standard user.
  • Neutral Protection settings values added to the Circuit breaker setting report.


Details of this release

NOTE: The following is a selected list of changes for this release, it is not a comprehensive list.

Web Applications

Item Details
Custom day update You can now define a custom start of the day; based on requirements or shifts. You can then use custom day in dashboards and reports to aggregate data on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
PME Windows Services

To help improve performance, three new services are included: 

  • ION Application Modules Core Service Host (x64 bit)
  • ION Application Modules Data Service Host (x64 bit)
  • ION Application Modules Provider Engine Host (x64 bit)
Graphic Editor

You can now design a one-line diagram using PME provided standard component and custom component.

You can also add animations to the component.

Graphic Editor is integrated with EWS sources, Ethernet Devices, VIP, logical devices, and so on. To bind TGML component, double-click the respective device or source, and then double-click Managers > Modules >Output Registers/Measurement Names.

TGML Viewer You can now view the TGML document in Diagrams > Graphic Diagrams.
Strong Password Policy

You can now set new passwords and edit existing passwords using the strong password criteria.

Strong password criteria: A password must have at least 8 characters and contain at least one character from each of the following:

  • uppercase letters
  • lowercase letters
  • numbers
  • special characters.
Circuit Breaker Setting Report You can now view the Neutral settings values in the report.

Reports and Gadgets

Item Details
Updated reports

IEEE 519 - 2022 Report

Harmonic Compliance Report was renamed to Harmonic Compliance Report - Legacy.

Harmonic Compliance 2014 Report was renamed to Harmonic Compliance Report.

Improved reports SARFI Report, Circuit Breaker Setting Report

Operating Environment

Item Details
New SQL Server version support

PME2023 supports SQL Server 2022 Standard/Enterprise/Business Intelligence.

SQL Server 2022 Express is included with PME 2023

For the complete list of supported operating systems and SQL Server versions, see the IT Requirements chapter in this guide.


Item Details
New device type support

The following device types are now supported in PME 2023:

  • EVlink Pro AC (DL-E License)
  • Symmetra PX (20 – 160 kVA) (DL-E License)
  • Symmetra PX (250 – 500 kVA) (DL-E License)
  • Easy UPS 3S/3M/3L (DL-E License)
  • InRow ACRD60x/ACRC60x (DL-E License)
  • Prefab TM3 IO System (DL-E License)
  • PM1225_30H (DL-E License)
Updated device type support

The following device types are updated in PME 2023:

  • Acti 9 Active
  • Galaxy V Series
  • HDPM6000 Series
  • Galaxy / Samsung Lithium-ion Battery Cabinet
  • AccuSine PCS+/PFV+/PCSn/EVC+
  • TransferPacT Active Automatic
  • Bender Series
  • Easergy P3


Cybersecurity vulnerabilities related to the Web Applications have been addressed in this release. It is important that you upgrade to this version of software as soon as possible.


Item Details
Quality improvements PME 2023 includes a wide range of quality improvements.