Use the information provided in this section to prepare for an installation or upgrade of a Power Monitoring Expert (PME) system.

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Topic Content
Planning checklist This is a planning tool to remind you of the different decisions that have be made and actions that have to be taken during the planning process.
System architecture Discusses where the system software and the database server can be installed.
Client types Introduces the different PME software client types.
IT Requirements Provides information on information technology components, such as computer hardware, operating environment, and networking.
System maintenance Provides information on database maintenance and recommended actions.
Disaster recovery strategy Provides information on disaster recovery and recommended strategy.
Cybersecurity Provides recommended actions to help secure your system.
Licensing Provides information on software licensing for PME systems.
System installation and upgrades Lists considerations related to new system installs and system upgrades.
Feature selection and design Provides an overview of the features and modules available in the software. It introduces the different functions, applications and modules and discusses dependencies and design considerations.
Device Networks Provides information on the communication links between the software and the monitoring devices.
System Integration Provides information on the different approaches and technologies for integrating PME with other systems.
Deployment considerations Provides information on the time, effort, and expertise that is required to deploy a PME system.
Planning references Links to reference information related to the content of the Planning chapter.