This section describes the different tools and tasks for configuring Power Monitoring Expert (PME).

The section is organized by functions, software modules, and configuration tools.

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Main functions:

Function Task
Alarms configuration Configure alarm and incident views in Web Applications.
Cybersecurity Provides recommended actions to help secure your system.
Dashboards configuration Configure Dashboards and Slideshows in Web Applications.
Database maintenance Configure and schedule tasks such as backup, archive, and trim.
Diagrams configuration Configure Diagrams in Web Applications.
Duplicate Data logging Enable the logging of duplicate historical data records.
Licensing configuration Configure the software and device licenses.
Reports configuration Configure Reports in Web Applications.
Software Alarms Configure Software Alarms.
System integration Integrate PME with other EcoStruxure™ systems.
System performance Customize system parameters to optimize performance.
Time synchronization Configuring time synchronization for monitoring devices.
Trends configuration Configure Trends in Web Applications.

Software modules:

Module Application
Backup Power Module configuration

Generator and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) performance monitoring and reporting, including battery health.

Breaker Performance Module configuration

Circuit breaker aging and breaker settings monitoring.

Capacity Management Module configuration

Generator and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capacity monitoring and reporting. Includes transformer and UPS loss monitoring.

Energy Analysis Dashboard Module configuration

Gadgets for identifying consumption patterns and anomalies and for comparing different consumers over time.

Energy Analysis Reports Module configuration

Reports for energy consumption monitoring and modeling, including energy usage by process area or by product output.

Energy Billing Module configuration

Energy-based billing and reporting, including consumption monitoring and reporting at the branch circuit level.

Event Notification Module configuration

Notifications of power system events via email, SMS, or SNMP.

Insulation Monitoring Module configuration

Monitoring for isolated power systems, such as the ones found in hospital operating rooms.

Power Quality Performance Module configuration

Analysis of power quality events and disturbances and their impact on the monitored system.

Configuration tools and other functions:

Tool Task
Breaker Configuration Tool Configure the Breaker Aging Module and the Breaker Settings report.
Designer Configure ION devices and the VIP.
Device Manager Add and manage devices and sites.
Device Replacement Configure processed measurement and device replacement.
Device Type Editor Create device drivers for Modbus and OPC devices.
Downstream Device Assistant Manage downstream devices.
Event Watcher Manager  Define events to trigger report subscriptions.
EWS Client Configure the EWS client to import EWS server data.
Generator Performance Configuration Tool with EPSS Test Module Configure the Multi-Source Management Module.
Generator Power Configuration Utility Configure the Multi-Source Management Module.
Hierarchy Configuration Utility Bulk configure Hierarchies.
Hierarchy Manager Configure and maintain Hierarchies, Apportioned Meters, Virtual Meters.
Installer Perform the following tasks: Reconfigure, Reset Accounts, Export System Key, Import System Key, Uninstall
Insulation Monitoring Configuration Tool for ANSI Configure the Insulation Monitoring Module for ANSI applications.
Insulation Monitoring Configuration Tool for IEC Configure the Insulation Monitoring Module for IEC applications.
Log Viewer View system events for troubleshooting and auditing.
Logical Device editors Create logical device types and logical devices.
Management Console Setup the device network, create Managed Circuits, configure Connection Schedules.
Manual Data Editor Manually edit logged measurement data to correct incorrect data or add new data.
OPC Server Support Define which measurements to expose to the OPC server.
Power Losses Configuration Utility Configure the Power Efficiency Module.
PQDIF Exporter Export Power Quality data to PQDIF format.
Rate Editor Configure rates for billing reports.
Remote Modem Setup Configure dialup modems that will be connected to meters at remote locations.
Software Logging Add or edit software based data logging for Modbus device types.
System use notification Set up a system use notification to be displayed before users can log into the system.
Time of Use Editor  Define Time of Use schedules for reports.
Update EWS Server Update EWS measurement mappings.
Update OPC Server Update OPC measurement mappings.
Upload Report Template Upload report template
UPS Configuration Tool Configure the Multi-Source Management Module.
UPS Power Configuration Utility Configure the Multi-Source Management Module.
User Manager Configure Users and User Groups.
Virtual Processor service (VIP) Configure the VIP to perform data processing and control functions.
Virtual Processor setup Configure the VIP service.
Web Applications settings Configure Web apps localization, EcoStruxure Web Services Login, Diagnostics and Usage, Report Themes, Alarm Viewer, Annunciator and more.


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