This section provides information on tasks and tools for ongoing system maintenance in Power Monitoring Expert (PME).

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Function/Tool Task
Basic administration tasks Run Updates, check database maintenance tasks.
Cybersecurity Provides recommended actions to help secure your system.
Configuration Manager Use Configuration Manager to back up the configuration on your system. (Note: This is an add-on tool. See Resources for information on where to get it.)
Database Manager Archive and trim the ION databases, upgrade a database, create a new database, or export the database registry settings.
Deactivating alarms Deactivate alarms that are incorrectly stuck in a permanently active state.
Diagnostics Viewer Monitor system and network performance.
PME Installer Reconfigure, reset accounts, export System Key, import System Key, uninstall.
User Manager Add or remove PME users. Change user access level, passwords, and account information. Change User Group access to devices and Web Applications.
Windows Updates Routinely apply Microsoft Windows Updates.