This section describes the different applications for accessing power monitoring information in Power Monitoring Expert (PME). You use these applications on a regular basis to view real-time data, historical data, and alarm data. The section is organized by applications and software modules. See Introduction to Power Monitoring Expert (PME) for a general overview.

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By application or function:

Application/Function Function
Alarms View incidents, alarms, and events. Acknowledge alarms
Dashboards View high level ,historical and real-time data in gadgets.
Diagrams View low level, historical and real-time data in one-line and graphics diagrams.
Reports Run reports manually, or schedule automatic report generation.
System integration Use PME integrated with other EcoStruxure™ systems.
Trends View trends for real-time and historical data.
Vista Perform control actions in your power monitoring system, for example reset counters or activate device digital outputs. View low level, historical and real-time data in one-line and graphics diagrams.
Web Applications Access the Dashboards, Diagrams, Trends, Alarms, and Reports applications. Access Settings and configurations tools. View the alarm annunciator.

By software module:

Module Application
Backup Power Module operation

Generator and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) performance monitoring and reporting, including battery health.

Breaker Performance Module operation

Circuit breaker aging and breaker settings monitoring.

Capacity Management Module operation

Generator and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capacity monitoring and reporting. Includes transformer and UPS loss monitoring.

Energy Analysis Dashboard Module operation

Gadgets for identifying consumption patterns and anomalies and for comparing different consumers over time.

Energy Analysis Reports Module operation

Reports for energy consumption monitoring and modeling, including energy usage by process area or by product output.

Energy Billing Module operation

Energy-based billing and reporting, including consumption monitoring and reporting at the branch circuit level.

Event Notification Module operation

Notifications of power system events via email, SMS, or SNMP.

Insulation Monitoring Module operation

Monitoring for isolated power systems, such as the ones found in hospital operating rooms.

Power Quality Performance Module operation

Analysis of power quality events and disturbances and their impact on the monitored system.


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