Disturbance Direction Indicators


In this application (also known as DDD Indicators), we add voltage disturbance indicators to an electrical one-line diagram. The indicators are associated with the power monitoring devices that recorded the disturbance. The indicators show the type of voltage disturbance (sag/swell/transient) and the disturbance direction relative to the monitoring device. By combining the information from multiple devices in a network we can then identify where the disturbance originated. Up to 5 voltage disturbance Incidents, going back in time, are displayed.

NOTE: The examples and screen captures shown in this application description are for illustration purposes only. They are not intended to give guidance on configuration settings or application details. For guidance on configuration of your system or other application details, consult a qualified professional.


Below is an example of a one-line diagram showing a voltage sag that originated outside the network.

This is an example of a one-line diagram showing a voltage swell that originated inside the network, most likely in "Building Loads TR16b".

NOTE: The red frames and yellow highlights were added to the images in this document to highlight the disturbance indicators. The frames and highlights are not displayed in the actual diagram.