Thermal Monitoring of Low Voltage (LV) Busways


This application provides remote, continuous monitoring of the thermal conditions of low voltage busways equipped with Easergy CL110 or TH110 temperature sensors. You can see temperature data in real-time, analyze historical temperature trends, and set up alarming based on temperature thresholds. Any applicable PME power monitoring features are available to be used with the busway temperature data.


inaccurate data results

Do not incorrectly configure the software or the devices.
Do not base your maintenance or service actions solely on messages and information displayed by the software.
Do not rely solely on software messages and reports to determine if the system is functioning correctly or meeting all applicable standards and requirements.
Consider the implications of unanticipated transmission delays or failures of communications links.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, equipment damage, or permanent loss of data.


NOTE: The examples and screen captures shown in this application description are for illustration purposes only. They are not intended to give guidance on configuration settings or application details. For guidance on configuration of your system or other application details, consult a qualified professional.


The above is an example of a real-time trend showing busway temperature over the last hour.


The above is an example of a trend report showing the busway temperature over the last 24 hours.


The above is an example of an alarm incident history view showing thermal monitoring related incidents.